United Punjab

United Punjab

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Living in Punjab and Security

Punjab state, one of the strongest economic states in India is both a unique and adventurous place to live in. It is both a cultural and spiritual center with a wide variety of tourism attraction sites. There are diverse religions practices in the state, including Hinduism, Islam and the Punjab religion. The inhabitants are the Punjabi people who are known for culture and religion preservation. The state has four major cities with moderate economy characterized by manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. Steel production in the Steel city is one of the largest steel production regions in India, and is found in Punjab. Punjab is currently the largest wheat producing regions in India.

The people living in Punjab have a moderate lifestyle, living above average lives beyond basic survival. The local inhabitants have many language dialects, but Punjabi remains the most widely spoken languages in the region. The land is described as the land of warriors (not enough to need a security company in Milton Keynes ), Pirs and Gurus. The inhabitants believe in earning a living through hard labor and honest living. A shared virtue is sharing the outcomes of earnings with other people and expecting nothing in return. Successful farming characterizes most parts of...more

Tourism In Punjab

Tourism in Punjab

Punjab is an Indian state that is famous for history, culture and cuisine. It is located I the Northwest part of India, bordering Himachal Pradesh, Haryana Rajasthan Jammu and Kashmir. The State has four major cities, namely Patiala, Ludhiana , Amritsar and Jalandhar. Punjab is a major tourism center in the region. The earliest forms of tourism in Punjab developed in the 20th century as the state was growing in infrastructure and architecture. Currently, the Punjab state is leading in terms of transportation infrastructure in India, offering a big advantage for tourism transport.

The tourism industry in Punjab grew as a result of the various tourist attraction centers in the region. For instance, there historic palaces in the state, early battlefields and other sites that have been preserved since the times of the Indian wars . There are the great Sikh architecture creations in many parts of the region which are a great tourist attraction. The Bathida Fort is an ancient preserved fort that attracts many tourists, security company in Luton . The sites of Indus Valley Civilization are also a major attraction. Ancient architectural monuments that have been preserved include Patiala, Kapurthala and Chandigarh. In Amstrtsar, there is the golden Temple, which remains a major tourism attract...more

Security Concerns in Punjab

The failure to address Security Concerns in Punjab, India

Communication is a vital part in problem-solving. The failure to communicate the problem would deem the problem unanswerable. This is the situation in Security Concerns in Punjab, India. We all know that India is the second most populated country in the world. Major cities usually have millions of people flocking the busy streets every day. Because of heavy unemployment and poverty in India, more people are inclined to crimes and illegal ways than ever before. This results to life-threatening situations in most part of the city. Policemen tried to address Security Concerns in Punjab, India but the situations just worsen. One of the major factors considered by the police is the lack of cooperation of the citizens when it comes to crime busting.

People just ignore Security Concerns in Punjab, India. This results to more number of crimes for the past quarter because of the failure to address and give justice to the afflicted. Crimes such as murder and theft are the primary concerns of the people in Punjab. A growing number of criminals endanger the life of many citizens in that particular busy area. Businesspeople and ordinary citizens are in fear of their lives because of the growing percentage of crimes in Punjab without the assistance of a security agency . There is news of disinvestments because of fear in the lack of security in the place. Security Concerns in Punjab, India should really be addressed as soon as possible in order to keep businessmen from leaving the country.

Foreign investor...more